Celebrity Grand Openings: Getting Customers in the Door

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There is no greater way to attract the public to your brand new store than to offer something, (or someone in this case!), that they need, want or just have to have.  Whether for a single entity or one of hundreds of locations, presenting a celebrity appearance is a great way to introduce a store, restaurant, fitness center or any other retail venue to a new market.  Athletes and celebrities have considerable appeal to consumers of all ages and featuring appearances at your grand opening event is an effective and economic way to bring in customers and create a unique and positive experience that will promote repeat business.

Oh, so that’s where it is!

Providing potential customers with a compelling reason to attend your grand opening event is crucial.   They familiarize themselves with your location and the store itself.  Once they know where you are and how to get to you, in all likelihood they will be back- especially if they have a great experience…

I might as well pick up some dog food!

There are some customers that will make the trip because Little Johnnie or Susie really wanted their baseball glove autographed.  But Mom and Dad are pretty adept at multi-tasking.  Chances are, once you have customers in the store, they are going to buy something.  Whether it’s a meal, a gym membership, or a new TV, the higher your grand opening attendance, the higher your sales will be.

Wow, I love this place!

Cliches exist because they are true… you only have one chance to make a first impression!  It is crucial to make your grand opening truly “grand”.  Featuring appearances by professional athletes and celebrities creates a very personal and memorable event for attendees.  Those attendees will recognize that your venue was where they enjoyed that experience.  The positive association they have with your organization immediately bolsters brand loyalty and repeat business.

Of course, with any marketing effort, celebrity appearances take some planning.  Please continue to read on in the coming weeks for my blog series about choosing the right personality, organizing on-site logistics and maximizing your return on investment.