Hiring Familiar Faces – The Benefits of Celebrity Appearances at Special Events

Sports organizers, event organizers and nonprofit groups are often looking for ways to launch a promotion or stage a hospitality event using well-known personalities from the worlds of sports, Hollywood, television or music.  But what’s the best strategy for such an effort, especially if your organization is on a tight budget?

If a group of any type chooses to design an event or promotion including one or more celebrities, its first priority should be to determine its goals and expected outcomes.  And if the group chooses an agency to help put together the program, it should expect the outside consultant to develop and customize a promotion or event within the group’s budget parameters that meets and hopefully exceeds its expectations.  The selected agency should then assemble a profiled list of appropriate celebrities- keeping in mind the client’s demographics, budgetary requirements and overall needs.

Hiring celebrities for your events can have numerous potential benefits:

Celebrities bring excitement to an event or promotion

Any time members of the public have an opportunity to interact with a celebrity, they get excited about the experience, which then creates the “sizzle” that groups are looking for when they make the investment in a celebrity in the first place.

Celebrities add credibility to an event or promotion

If a celebrity commits to a particular event or promotion, there is an inherent sincerity and trustworthiness for the event organizer.  And added bonus comes if you can bring in a celebrity who is well known through other national entities for being a spokesperson or the face of an organization.  In that instance, your organization benefits from other branding already associated with that celebrity.

Celebrities help increase or maximize attendance at a particular event

Hiring a celebrity can help drive traffic to an event. To help bring this benefit home, you may choose to implement a pre-event client mailing to let current and prospective clients and attendees know that they can come and meet the celebrity you have chosen.  This will reinforce to your clients your commitment to do something unique and special.

Celebrities can help motivate those who attend or volunteer at an event

When a celebrity is used as a keynote speaker at an event, it will often motivate employees to work smarter and more efficiently in reaching the company’s goals.

That encompasses just some of the benefits that organizations can derive from utilizing the draw of sports and entertainment figures.  In my next article, I will address how to maximize the return on investment when featuring a celebrity at your event.