Need a Celebrity? Get Your Boss to Buy In!

SchedulingYou know a celebrity appearance at your next event would go over like gangbusters, but you also know that convincing your boss of that truth would be an entirely different prospect. He or she might get hung up on cost or logistics. How do you make your case?

You need to be able to demonstrate the value that a celebrity appearance might deliver for your event. Here are some ideas:

Start with the consequences. What have your business events been like in the past? Sparsely attended? No more! A celebrity will drive traffic to your event. Talk to your boss about notifying your clients before the event about the opportunity to meet your chosen celebrity, and imagine the anticipation that will build. Have your typical events been dull? Not this time! A celebrity will motivate across the board: attendees, employees, and volunteers. Attendees are more participatory, and employees will work with greater enthusiasm and more efficiency. Convince your boss that if the status quo isn’t ideal, it’s time to make a change.

Showcase the benefits. Remind your boss that you have an excellent opportunity to energize those events with a new sense of excitement. When event attendees have a chance to rub shoulders with a celebrity, they’re enthusiastic about the experience. And it goes without saying that a celebrity will increase attendance at a given event. When attendees are excited about an event, they’re excited about your brand.

Have a plan. When you go to your boss, be prepared with the details of the celebrity appearance mapped out. Lay out your goals and expected outcomes. Have a chosen celebrity in mind (based on your research), and be ready to talk about why you chose this particular personality and what this person will bring to your audience.

Alleviate any concerns. Your boss might balk at the logistics of your plan, but you’re already prepared to let him or her know about your partner agency, which already has the details covered — and it’s all included in the price. This agency can even assemble a profiled list of appropriate celebrities that takes all your demographic and budgetary needs into consideration. Your boss now has peace of mind, knowing that the company’s regular work will continue uninterrupted, and staff will continue doing their jobs. The celebrity appearance has been tailored to the budget, customized to the audience, and planned meticulously so that all he or she has to do is say “Yes.”

As long as you approach the task of convincing your boss methodically, you’re more than likely to find success.

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