Power of Motivation Using a Keynote Speaker

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Regardless of your particular sales management style, Sales Meetings held off-site once a year can be very productive and powerful for both the leadership and the organization. That said, “Motivation” can be the deal breaker for whether the meeting is measured successful or not!

For motivational success, hiring a notable talented Keynote Speaker (someone outside your organization) is the difference most organizations are looking for. A keynote speaker brings a fresh bold new message that is in unison with management. In addition, a speaker changes the dynamics of the meetings usually captivating and grabbing the attention of attendees. In some cases, it is critical for keynote speakers to address in a non-sales manner, giving way for greater appreciation for sales teams and the challenges that they handle.

Hiring a notable athlete is a great way to introduce a speaker to attendees that helps capture and foster attention to the message. Athletes are a phenomenal resource to add that dynamic you must have in a sales meetings. Athlete’s are perfect in delivering winning messages and addressing the importance of the team. After all, who else knows how to play the game….and win!!

Sales Meetings need to be focused addressing core organizational “Sales” topics and especially goals. They must be Professional, Powerful, and Persuasive. Keynote Speakers add a tremendous opportunity to increase the dialog and participation of attendees.