• Need a Celebrity? Get Your Boss to Buy In!

    You know a celebrity appearance at your next event would go over like gangbusters, but you also know that convincing your boss of that truth would be an entirely different prospect. He or she might get hung up on cost or logistics. How do you make your case? You need to be able to demonstrate the value that a celebrity appearance might deliver for your event. Here are some ideas: Start with the consequences. What Read More
  • Celebrities Power Brands with Increased Visibility

    For 20 years, you’ve seen the iconic “Got Milk?” advertisements, with their smiling celebrities with milk mustaches. The ads have become a pop-culture phenomenon. TV and movie stars, recording artists, athletes, and even animated characters have modeled the signature trademark over the years. But in early March, the time of that legendary milk mustache came to an end. According to Ad Age, the ad firm that created the successful campaign — Goodby, Silverstein & Partners — put Read More
  • 7 Reasons Not to Book Your Own Celebrity Event

    William Shatner at a recent Pro Sports MVP client conference. by David J. Chavez “You know who would be great for our event? William Shatner! My sister met him at a convention once and said he was really nice. I’ll bet we can get him. Make it happen.” Is it really that easy? If you’ve ever tried, you know it’s not. When you jump into the task of hiring a celebrity, you quickly find that Read More
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