• How to Get the Best Bang for Your Celebrity Buck

    It’s only natural that one of the first things to cross your mind when planning a celebrity appearance for an event is price. And there’s no escaping the fact that an A-list celebrity is going to charge a premium, simply because he or she is in demand and has the ability to charge that much. But when you really start digging into your list of possible celebrities, you’ll find that athletes and celebrities require a wide range Read More
  • What Differentiates a Pro Sports MVP Contract?

    You’ve got the wheels in motion for a celebrity event: You’ve nailed down the perfect personality, you have your venue in mind, and you’ve communicated all event details to your team. Now it’s time to draw up the celebrity contract. But what do you need to include in this contract before diving into the main event? Most event planners know that the celebrity contract is going to lay out the specifics of the appearance, including Read More
  • If You Brand It, They Will Come

    A common marketing practice today is investing in brand awareness. According to recent research conducted for eMarketer by InsightExpress, a majority (56%) of surveyed marketing professionals plan to increase their spending on brand awareness over the next year. Respondents suggest that brand awareness is now a higher priority than demand generation and global business expansion efforts. Why is brand building important? Put simply, people don’t connect with products; they connect with brands. They even build relationships Read More
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