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Make It Dynamic and Hands-On!

2-Time U.S. Open Champion Andy North giving a demonstration to golf enthusiasts. by David J. Chavez Engaging visitors at a trade show can be like nailing Jell-O to a wall. Most of them either walk by the booth with a polite smile, or they horde your swag without so much as a glance. How do you capture their attention for an actual conversation? As you know, a celebrity appearance can drastically improve customer interest and interaction at your event. Celebrities capture

You Can Have Star Power Without Star Egos

So you’re considering a celebrity appearance for a forthcoming event. You understand all the potential benefits — increased attention, an attendance boost, improved brand recognition, a memorable and positive experience — and the prospect is incredibly exciting. But you’ve also heard all those stories about high-maintenance celebrities. You don’t have the time or patience to be a “caretaker” to a star. Right? Many companies shy away from a potentially fantastic celebrity appearance because they’ve heard or read stories about celebrities who have

The Explosive Benefits of the Tweetup

Congratulations! You’ve booked a celebrity to perform at your next trade show. You’ve done your promotional due diligence, and you’re eagerly awaiting the event. Your celebrity is going to be a big hit and make a lot of people happy. You just want to make sure that as big an audience as possible makes it your way. How can you ensure that the celebrity appearance you’ve organized makes a powerful impact across the whole show floor? You might consider a tweetup. A

Tips for Promoting Your Celebrity Appearance

So you’re considering booking a celebrity for your next event? Great! By nature, the sports icon or entertainer you choose will create buzz, boost attendance, and make unforgettable memories for your attendees. At Pro Sports MVP, we can help you with all the event logistics, and we’ll do our best to make the event successful. But what about promotion? We’ll extend our marketing reach as far as we can, but often the best marketing starts with you. How do you get

Make it a TV Theme Night!

Television Icon Tony Danza signing autographs at an annual convention Are you enjoying your summer? Getting out and experiencing local community events? Perhaps, as a business, you’re even taking part in some of those events, connecting with potential customers and getting the word out about your products. Live events are common during the summer months, when the weather is warm and everyone wants to be outside. From fairs to sporting events to festivals, people love to engage with their community,