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Who’s the Right Celebrity?

Penn & Teller at recent Pro Sports MVPcorporate event You’re thinking of hosting an event, and you want to make a fantastic impression. A celebrity appearance would be great, but how do you even begin to choose which celebrity to contact, and how do you make it happen? Begin with what you need. Determine the key elements: Know your mission — Do you want to motivate your team, attract new clients, boost event attendance? Know what you want — Do

Need a Better Morale Booster? Bat a Home Run at Your Very Own Field of Dreams Experience

by David J. Chavez It’s May, and your company is suffering from spring fever. Sales figures are down, and your boss wants them to go back up. But all your sales team can talk about is baseball. How about a new kind of sales incentive that will be a memory of a lifetime and at the same time increase sales? Send your team to the Field of Dreams! Help your team get back in the swing Incentive programs can be powerful motivators. But what

Listen to Mom: Stick to Your Budget!

by Nicole St. Pierre World Cup and Olympic Soccer Champion Brandi Chastain at Pro Sports MVP client event Mother’s Day is just around the corner. (It always seems to sneak up on you, doesn’t it?) Before you read on, run to the store and get some flowers and a card. Go ahead, we’ll wait. Okay. Now, perhaps you’re reflecting on how much your mom has given you over the years. The list is endless, but often the most important thing we

It’s Never Too Late to Book a Celebrity For Your Event

By David J. Chavez How many ways are there to say thank you to the people and businesses that support you? You can send a note, give them a call, or even send a gift. But when it’s really important — when you really want to let people know your gratitude is sincere — you may want to create a memory. Pro Sports MVP recently received a special request for just that. A Fortune 100 food manufacturer had planned a very special

Need a Celebrity? Get Your Boss to Buy In!

You know a celebrity appearance at your next event would go over like gangbusters, but you also know that convincing your boss of that truth would be an entirely different prospect. He or she might get hung up on cost or logistics. How do you make your case? You need to be able to demonstrate the value that a celebrity appearance might deliver for your event. Here are some ideas: Start with the consequences. What have your business events been like in