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Celebrities Power Brands with Increased Visibility

For 20 years, you’ve seen the iconic “Got Milk?” advertisements, with their smiling celebrities with milk mustaches. The ads have become a pop-culture phenomenon. TV and movie stars, recording artists, athletes, and even animated characters have modeled the signature trademark over the years. But in early March, the time of that legendary milk mustache came to an end. According to Ad Age, the ad firm that created the successful campaign — Goodby, Silverstein & Partners — put an end to

7 Reasons Not to Book Your Own Celebrity Event

William Shatner at a recent Pro Sports MVP client conference. by David J. Chavez “You know who would be great for our event? William Shatner! My sister met him at a convention once and said he was really nice. I’ll bet we can get him. Make it happen.” Is it really that easy? If you’ve ever tried, you know it’s not. When you jump into the task of hiring a celebrity, you quickly find that it’s a full-time project. When hiring

Working With Celebrities: 4 Tips to Securing Celebrity Spokespersons and Speakers

Celebrity speakers and spokespersons can be an exciting addition to corporate events, campaigns and fundraising programs.  Sports and entertainment personalities can lend credibility, increase attendance and awareness, motivate employees, encourage donors and create a memorable and enjoyable experience for audiences.  However, the same recognition and allure the gets the seats filled can also be very intimidating when approaching a celebrity regarding their interest and availability for your event. The following are several tips to consider when securing a celebrity spokesperson: Assess the

Sports Marketing and Pro Sports MVP: the Who, the What and the Why

Clients, prospective employees, consultants, and even celebrities regularly contact us wondering what it is that we do over here at Pro Sports MVP. Along the same line, they often ask us what exactly sports marketing is. Answering these questions adequately is easier said than done; however, even as we are in our 14th year at Pro Sports MVP, we are still learning about the industry and growing every day. What we do at Pro Sports MVP can be summed up pretty

Cost of Celebrity Appearances: How We Bring Value

Pro Sports MVP prides itself on the strong relationships we maintain with celebrities. We are often asked how we are able to provide celebrity appearances at some of the lowest costs in the industry— how we bring value to our clients. Having the combined experience of decades in sports marketing, Pro Sports MVP has had the opportunity to build impacting and lasting relationships with a variety of celebrities across the country. As a result of both these relationships and the frequency