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Power of Motivation Using a Keynote Speaker

Regardless of your particular sales management style, Sales Meetings held off-site once a year can be very productive and powerful for both the leadership and the organization. That said, “Motivation” can be the deal breaker for whether the meeting is measured successful or not! For motivational success, hiring a notable talented Keynote Speaker (someone outside your organization) is the difference most organizations are looking for. A keynote speaker brings a fresh bold new message that is in unison with management. In

The Need to Be Flexible When Working with Celebrities

As anybody who works in the sports-event industry knows, there are many time the old adage, “the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry” comes into play.  But how much better is it to take the same situation and apply the old familiar saying “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” instead? Whether in marketing, event management or the world of celebrity representation, being prepared and on top of things also means being flexible, adaptable and creative when

Celebrity Grand Openings: Getting Customers in the Door

There is no greater way to attract the public to your brand new store than to offer something, (or someone in this case!), that they need, want or just have to have.  Whether for a single entity or one of hundreds of locations, presenting a celebrity appearance is a great way to introduce a store, restaurant, fitness center or any other retail venue to a new market.  Athletes and celebrities have considerable appeal to consumers of all ages and featuring

Launching a Sales Incentive Program

A successful incentive program can be a cornerstone for any organization, especially a sales organization. We here at Pro Sports Marketing Ventures and Promotions work with companies and sales organizations to help plan and execute successful incentive programs. All organizations have specific goals and objectives to achieve during their program, though one thing remains consistent, and that is excitement. As you explore options for your next incentive programs, let Pro Sports Marketing Ventures and Promotions work with your team to provide ideas