Pro Sports MVP in the Spotlight

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It’s not uncommon for Pro Sports MVP to book speakers for conferences, meetings and company events.  Dickie Vitale, Bruce Jenner or Desmond Howard, we always know our celebrity speakers will add a lot of excitement to events and whether our client is looking for fun and entertainment or information and motivation, we enjoy the challenge of finding just the right man or woman for the job.

Last month, Pro Sports MVP secured one of the NFL’s greatest coaches in history, Dan Reeves, to speak at the Armed Forces Recreation Network Conference (AFRN) in Atlanta.  Coach Reeves is a huge supporter of the US Military; in fact, he let me know during our down time that the most rewarding thing he had ever done was participate in a goodwill military tour throughout Vietnam during his playing days with the Cowboys in the early 1970’s- and this is a guy that has been to a record-setting nine Super Bowls as a player and a coach.  That says a lot about Coach Dan Reeves- a consummate professional, an engaging speaker, and truly a salt of the earth good guy that you just want to be around.  As you may have guessed, he did an exceptional job for the AFRN (as always!)

Although we book speakers on a daily basis, the deal rarely comes with the opportunity to gain any recognition for Pro Sports MVP and what we do.  We are usually set in the background, quietly working with our client to ensure that the appearance goes off without a hitch and that the speaker is well prepared.  However, I recently had the chance to step off the sidelines and become that speaker myself, introducing Pro Sports MVP to a great group of military servicemen and women, contractors, vendors and Department of Defense personnel.

After the “vendor spotlight” as they called it, we had a line of people at our booth waiting to speak to us about our services.  Men and women from military installations around the country and overseas inquired as to how we can help them provide entertainment for their soldiers, sailors and airmen.  It was a very successful event and we thank the AFRN for their support!