Sports Marketing and Pro Sports MVP: the Who, the What and the Why

Clients, prospective employees, consultants, and even celebrities regularly contact us wondering what it is that we do over here at Pro Sports MVP. Along the same line, they often ask us what exactly sports marketing is. Answering these questions adequately is easier said than done; however, even as we are in our 14th year at Pro Sports MVP, we are still learning about the industry and growing every day.

What we do at Pro Sports MVP can be summed up pretty generally by the following statement:

We offer diverse sports personalities for utilization by corporate America.

If there is a need, we find a way to meet it. It is through this mantra that we have expanded from initially only utilizing retired athletes to our current repertoire which, in addition to retired players, utilizes current sports personalities, Hollywood celebrities, and entertainers. The strong relationships we have been able to build and maintain with a variety of sports and entertainment personalities are what set us apart from our competition.
In terms of utilizing celebrities, our techniques and methods are varied; we do not do a lot of one thing, we do a little of many things.  We have orchestrated a diverse portfolio of celebrity-centric events, tours, and promotions based on the following marketing practices:

  • Consumer Promotions: Utilizing Celebrities to drive traffic, increase attendance and awareness and boost sales
  • Company Events: Celebrity Appearances/Speakers to motivate employees and boost morale, production and sales
  • Corporate Incentive Programs: Celebrity-based incentives for employees
  • Brand Marketing Initiatives: Leverage appropriate celebrities to enhance brand awareness

We at Pro Sports MVP will strive to fill any client’s need based on our expertise, experience, and extensive relationships that we have nurtured and developed over the years. We take great pride in our discipline and our customer service and are always poised and ready to provide quality entertainment services in a timely and efficient manner.