Take Your Company Event Out to the Ball Game

by David J. Chavez

It’s summertime, and that means it’s time to head to the ballpark! Ahhh … the experience of a day watching baseball, relaxing in the sun, enjoying peanuts and Crackerjacks. It’s one of America’s favorite pastimes, an opportunity to spend leisure time with our loved ones and our community.

And that’s the great thing about sporting events: The game is only one aspect of the fun! You’re not just there for the game — you’re there for everything that comes with it.

Have you thought about hosting a company event at the ballpark or the arena? It’s an ideal scenario for taking advantage of an already captive audience. Professional sports celebrities can enhance their fans’ — and your customers’ — game-day experience with special appearances, highlighting your investment while supporting your local team and increasing the sales of tickets, team merchandise, and food items for the park. It’s a win-win!

Imagine athletes signing autographs for your customers or top sales executives right there at the ballpark, and participating in a meet-and-greet inside the stadium as part of an exclusive tour for your selected VIPs.

In many cases, you can even arrange for athletes or other celebrities to get more involved in the experience and promote your company. They can

  • throw out the first pitch (or drop the puck or shoot a basketball),
  • serve as a guest announcer, or
  • be the featured guest at VIP/Sponsor receptions.


It’s a golden opportunity to give the audience a chance to interact with your brand while enjoying time with their sports idols.

Pro Sports MVP Entertainment & Promotions can help you think of ways to use a game-day promotion as a way to expose your brand to your audience and potential fans.

  • Try sampling your product at the show, offer demonstrations prior to the ballgame or at intermission, and advertise over the public address system or with signage, program ads, or ticket backs.
  • You could also coordinate contests to win not only merchandise, but also free game tickets. (Giveaways based on section/row/seat number are always fun.)
  • Don’t forget the popular T-shirt toss!


And above all, be sure to get your logo on all promotional giveaways and prizes. At Pro Sports MVP, we specialize in finding the right promotional items for a celebrity event.

Together, let’s set the scene for a day that truly makes memories: A positive, relaxing atmosphere; the excitement of being at the ball park; and strongly associating your brand with local heroes. Combined, that’s a recipe for success and optimistic feelings about your company.

We’ll help you put it together. Pro Sports MVP makes it easy to work your sponsorship into any game day festivities.

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