Who’s the Right Celebrity?

Penn & Teller at recent Pro Sports MVP
corporate event

You’re thinking of hosting an event, and you want to make a fantastic impression. A celebrity appearance would be great, but how do you even begin to choose which celebrity to contact, and how do you make it happen?

Begin with what you need. Determine the key elements:

  • Know your mission — Do you want to motivate your team, attract new clients, boost event attendance?
  • Know what you want — Do you require a speaking engagement, a presentation, an autograph session, or a customized promotion to drive traffic?
  • Know the personality you’re looking for — Who is on your short list? Who can you afford? What are the demographics you are trying to reach?
  • Know your timeframe — How quickly do you need this perfect person? Will they be available?

The questions start to add up, but don’t worry if you don’t have all the answers yet. The experts at Pro Sports MVP Entertainment & Promotions can help! We don’t just find celebrities — we specialize in finding the right celebrity for your needs, budget, and time frame. Then, we take care of every detail.

Here’s a brief look at how Pro Sports MVP Entertainment & Promotions works to profile and secure the right celebrity:

  1. You give us all the pertinent event details including date, location, and approved budget. You also tell us what you need from the celebrity — time commitment, responsibilities, name and likeness usage, etc. You can request specific celebrities by name, and you can state your preferences for people from specific teams or sports, films, TV shows, and so on.
  2. With your needs in mind, we provide a customized list of celebrities that are a good fit. Depending on the specificity of your needs, we might provide three to five recommendations or even upwards of twenty.
  3. You review our suggestions and communicate your favorite choices. It’s helpful for us to learn your top three choices, in order of preference, if that’s possible.
  4. With your pre-approval of an appearance fee and compensation offer, we send an inquiry to the celebrity, communicating all of the details we’ve discussed with an acceptable deadline.
  5. When the celebrity is interested and available, we let you know the terms to which the celebrity has committed. If a counter-offer is presented, we will work to ensure that you’re satisfied with the final terms.
  6. If your prioritized celebrities are not available or not interested, we will continue to provide options and suggestions until we secure your approved celebrity that meets your budget parameters.

That’s it! And remember that Pro Sports MVP services are all-inclusive. One price covers everything — so you can keep your focus on your event.

We can help you get all the details lined up for a star appearance at your next event. Contact us today at general@prosportsmvp.com, 719-227-3920, or on our website.