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Goodwill Military Tours

Pro Sports MVP Entertainment & Promotions is proud to have implemented over one hundred goodwill military tours, domestic and international, for the United States Armed Forces. We have been privileged to work with the various branches of the military in bringing sports and entertainment celebrities to bases all over the world to entertain and inspire thousands of troops.

MMA Fight Night Live

Pro Sports MVP’s existing relationships with numerous major MMA entities, Pro Sports MVP provides a series of 7-9 sanctioned bouts featuring a mix of professional and/or amateur MMA fighters. The event will feature an official Ring Announcer, Ring Girl and DJ and could also include a UFC personality as a celebrity host such as Dan Henderson or Randy Couture.

Sports Tours

Pro Sports MVP Entertainment & Promotions has had the opportunity to provide our servicemen and women with a variety of tours featuring some of the country’s greatest athletes. The athletes have participated in everything from formal autograph sessions to a pick-up game of 3 on 3! Below are just a few of tours we have developed featuring sports stars from the NBA, MLB, NASCAR, NFL, the Olympics, and more.

Super Sunday Tour
Sam Bradford, James Laurinaitis, Seneca Wallace and the Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders

Heroes of the Diamond Tour
Tim Salmon, Dean Palmer, Jeff Nelson and Mike Remlinger

Classics of the Hardwood Tour
Rushia Brown, Elden Campbell, Tom Gugliotta, Adrienne Goodsen, and Shawn Bradley

Olympic Heroes Tour
Carly Piper, Allen Johnson, Moushaumi Robinson and Paul Hamm

Racing Heroes Tour
Jeremy Mayfield, Phil Burkhart, Erica Enders and Clay Millican

MMA Tour

Spirit & Body Tour
Billy Blanks

Legends of Wrestling Tour
Greg Valentine, Brian Knobbs, and Jimmy “The Mouth of the South” Hart

Fairways 2 Greens Tour
Suzanne Strudwick, Jill McGill, Larry Laoretti, and Carol Paulsen

X Games Tour
Grete Eliassen, Brad Sims, Sarah Burke, Jen O’Brien and Nate Holland

AVP Volleyball Tour
Dain Blanton, Albert Hannemann, Jennifer Snyder and Brittany Hochevar

Pro Billiards Tour
Loree Jon Jones and Jan McWorter

Cheerleader/Dance Group Tours

What better way to bring a bit of Americana to our troops than to present them with performances by the cheerleaders and dance teams of our favorite sports teams. These tours feature on-stage performance, impromptu shows, and meet and greets. The interactive elements make these tours very popular among the soldiers!

The Purrfect Angelz

Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders

Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders

Sacramento Kings Dancers

Cleveland Cavs Dancers

Oakland Raiderettes

Hollywood/Entertainment Tours

Pro Sports MVP Entertainment & Promotions is fortunate to have made solid relationships with numerous Hollywood actors and actresses that share our passion for giving back to those serving in the military. In addition to Hollywood celebrities, we have also aligned with Hooters and American Gladiators to bring their talent to our troops.

Ambassadors of Hollywood Tour
Jon Tenney, DeAnna Pappas, Deanna Russo, Esai Morales and Timothy Omundson

Hooters Tour

Ambassadors of Hollywood Tour
DW Moffett, Brianne Davis, Danielle Harris, AJ Buckley and Samaire Armstrong

Ambassadors of Hollywood Tour
David Proval, Kelly Hu and Maria Menounos

American Gladiators Tour

Ambassadors of Hollywood Tour
Steve Zahn, Tamie Sheffield, Camille Anderson, Carmit Bachar and Shamron Moore

Music Tours

In recent years, Pro Sports MVP Entertainment & Promotions has entered a new market – music entertainment. We have developed and implemented a handful of music themed tours which have featured live performances, jam sessions, and meet and greets.

Ja Rule Tour

Brokedown Cadillac Tour

Lisa Tucker Tour

Eve 6

Hispanic Market

Pro Sports MVP Entertainment & Promotions possesses specific knowledge and expertise which can assist you in targeting the vastly-growing Hispanic market, which is approaching 50 million US residents. In addition to Spanish-speaking capabilities, we have worked with a long list of Hispanic celebrities that appeal to the Hispanic market specifically, as well as U.S. consumers in general. These celebrities include: Jose Contreras, Erik Estrada, Juan Marichal, Esai Morales, Alfonso Soriano, Jessica Mendoza, Dennis Martinez, Tony Oliva, and Luis Tiant. Some of these celebrities are pictured below.