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Making A Difference: Helping Non-Profits Maximize Revenue Through Event Fundraising

Pro Sports MVP has established an exemplary reputation with national non-profit organizations and is one of the leading agencies in providing speakers for Scouts BSA, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and the Salvation Army. We have assisted non-profits to effectively promote their events, maximize contributions, and create awareness of their programs and offerings for the community, encouraging participation and membership. We highly value our relationships with non-profits and fundraising organizations and appreciate the opportunities to share in their respective and worthwhile missions to support charitable initiatives to aid communities around the country.

Finding the Right Person for the Job
Armed with our knowledge and experience, we always ensure that cost of the Speaker will provide a return on investment through increased ticket and table sales, sponsor support, and intangible benefits, including building brand awareness and community support. We often align charitable initiatives with personalities who have a connection to hosting organization- i.e. Club Alumni for Boys & Girls Club events; veterans for military projects; or Eagle Scouts, former Scouts, and parents of Scouts for BSA fundraisers. In securing a celebrity with a personal affinity for the campaign or cause, it is likely they will make concessions with fee requirements and go above and beyond for our client and their event.

Event Elements
The majority of these events follow a similar format to include pre-event media, social media promotion, a VIP/Sponsor Reception, Keynote Speech or moderated interview/ Q & A with the celebrity, and autographed items for top donors and sponsors. Appearance elements and schedules can be customized to any event and will be dependent upon the selected talent.

In addition to securing and managing the speaker/ celebrity appearance, we also serve as consultants (at no additional cost) to assist in best leveraging the speaker’s participation in the event to increase funds raised for the non-profits and charities with whom we work. We have successfully implemented upwards of 200 fundraising events, including a number of “inaugural” events, and are able to share our wealth of experience to provide guidance on how best to incorporate the talent into your event.

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