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The Most Important Thing On Your Business’s To-Do List

It’s almost Thanksgiving, and for most of us in business, it’s a frantic time of year. But it’s also a time to step back and recognize everything we’re thankful for. It might seem old-fashioned, or even corny, but it’s possibly most important thing you can do in your business: say thank you! As soon as […]


6 Best Practices for Getting the Media to Cover Your Event

If you’re looking to generate a lot of quick visibility and buzz, an event that caters to local or regional attendees is a fantastic idea. Pro Sports MVP specializes in booking strong local sports and media personalities. The inclusion of such a celebrity at your event — to perform, speak, and sign memorabilia — can […]


How to Generate Influence for Your Brand

Marketers’ jobs today are multi-faceted. They’re constantly looking for new ways to connect with people through a variety of media venues, and they’re always seeking methods to strengthen their brands’ image and messaging — especially in ways they can extend and repeat through online and social media channels. One of the hottest trends in marketing […]


Celebrating a Successful Series of Events

How complicated can an event get before it’s really out of hand? Could you handle juggling an event that takes place over multiple days? Multiple presentations? Multiple celebrity appearances? How about all of the above? When your event crosses into the “too much to handle” zone, it’s time to reach out for professional help. Pro […]


What Differentiates a Pro Sports MVP Contract?

You’ve got the wheels in motion for a celebrity event: You’ve nailed down the perfect personality, you have your venue in mind, and you’ve communicated all event details to your team. Now it’s time to draw up the celebrity contract. But what do you need to include in this contract before diving into the main […]


If You Brand It, They Will Come

A common marketing practice today is investing in brand awareness. According to recent research conducted for eMarketer by InsightExpress, a majority (56%) of surveyed marketing professionals plan to increase their spending on brand awareness over the next year. Respondents suggest that brand awareness is now a higher priority than demand generation and global business expansion […]


Prepping for a Big League Event

A large event can be daunting. It can loom over you like a mountain peak that you need to summit. You know that it will require months of preparation, and you know that it will test your skill and fortitude. It will demand unprecedented coordination, both in manpower and in scheduling. But despite the unique […]


Make Your Brand the Star

In this blog, we talk a lot about your brand, your message, your mission — and about effectively communicating those in your events and celebrity appearances. But you do have a mission, right? Sure, you’re concerned daily with your customers, sales, interactions, and bottom line, but you also have core principles for guiding the way […]


Want to Make a Connection? Make It In Person

We live in the age of social media. Whether you’re connecting with your customers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or all of them — that connection is happening instantaneously. Your brand is in the public consciousness right this second, pinging on mobile phones, appearing in Facebook feeds, and flashing in 140-character Twitter blasts. In this […]


You’re Managing a Whole Event. Who Will Manage the Celebrity Appearance?

You’ve made the momentous decision to hire a celebrity for your next event. Congratulations! The experience will be all the better for it! When you work with a celebrity, you’re working with a professional, independent contractor. But this person still needs special attention — specifically, the attention of someone who can devote the time and […]

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