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You’ve got the wheels in motion for a celebrity event: You’ve nailed down the perfect personality, you have your venue in mind, and you’ve communicated all event details to your team. Now it’s time to draw up the celebrity contract. But what do you need to include in this contract before diving into the main event?

Most event planners know that the celebrity contract is going to lay out the specifics of the appearance, including the date and time, the length of the appearance, and how much the celebrity will be paid. But many don’t know how much additional detail should be included. Do you need to specify who is responsible for details such as travel, transportation, and lodging? Worse, do you think that you need to cover all that?

Fortunately, you don’t! You can rest assured that Pro Sports MVP will draft a clean, clear, customized agreement that addresses the needs of all parties. This contract will outline specifics of the appearance, including payment and what is expected of the celebrity. You’ll be able to rest easy in the knowledge that all the details will be taken care of by professionals. But what kind of specific items does the contract include?

Here are some notable details that a contract will probably include:

  • Parties who are involved — The contracts will specify the name of the celebrity, as well as the name of the Pro Sports on-site event manager, who is the one person tasked with making sure everything goes well.
  • Event details — We spell out the venue and date(s) of the engagement, the number of shows, the time and length of the appearance, and information about necessary equipment coordination, supplies, and even technology and sound checks.
  • Travel and lodging — Pro Sports MVP details all travel and lodging expenses, including airfare, hotel, and ground transportation. The contract either caps travel expenses at a certain maximum amount or allows for expenses pending approval, so there are no surprises to the client.
  • Promotion/advertising — Pro Sports MVP has long-time relationships with many sports memorabilia vendors so that we get promotional, autographable items (e.g., sports cards, jerseys, photographs, baseballs) at wholesale. We build such items into the contract to ensure best pricing and to come as close as possible to a turnkey solution for our clients.
  • Price — Specifies the amount of any deposit, amount due when the contract is signed, and when the total balance is due. The contract includes not just line items, but also specific costs for all items to ensure the best pricing and no surprises.
  • Signatures — The celebrity, client, and Pro Sports MVP sign the contract, ensuring that everyone is on the same page — literally.

By including such items as travel and accommodations, as well as customizable promotional items, Pro Sports MVP goes beyond the details. We want your celebrity event to be unique and special.

So be sure to start off on the right foot with a contract from Pro Sports MVP. We’ll handle all the details — but we’ll make sure you review and approve it before the contract is signed.

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