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You have an exciting event on the horizon, and one of your goals is to make sure that it’s cohesive. All elements need to work together to deliver the strong message you need to communicate — whether that message is brand recognition, introduction of a new product, or a reward or thank you to important customers.

A clear, powerfully presented theme can be the key to a successful event, and if you can find a way to integrate a celebrity appearance into that event, you’ll truly cement the event in the memories of your attendees.

The foundation for your event
For maximum effect, consider incorporating your theme into the entire marketing program for your event. This includes all promotion before, during, and after the show; all your design efforts; the graphics, verbiage, and experience at the booth; and all giveaways and swag. Get your staff together now and brainstorms ideas for preliminary thematic planning.

Theme is one of the most crucial aspects of choosing the right celebrity for your event: You want a celebrity who can effectively embody and communicate your message. If you use your imagination and have the right connections, your opportunities will allow for creativity. Consider the variety of themes you might have:

  • Healthcare — Suppose you’re developing an event for a healthcare organization, and the message is all about health and wellness. The event might concern itself strongly with nutrition, fitness, body image, or sporting equipment. You wouldn’t want to hire Lewis Black as a celebrity comedian. Rather, you would want to focus on well-known nutrition gurus and fitness experts who are much more in support of your theme — say, someone like Tony Horton. You could even arrange for attendees to work out alongside your celebrity.
  • Luxury — Are you introducing a new high-end or luxury product? Is your event’s audience accustomed to the “finer things” in life? You wouldn’t want to hire Larry the Cable Guy. Rather, consider a stunning vocal performance by a glamorous singer such as Keri Hilson.
  • Safety — Perhaps your event theme is safety education. You want to focus on the public good and the law. Rather than a celebrity like Paris Hilton, consider a movie star or TV star who’s famous for playing a police officer, such as Erik Estrada.
  • History — If your event takes place in a historically interesting city such as Boston or Philadelphia, think about using a historical theme. You can use characters and impersonators, and your booth staff can dress like famous figures. Your celebrity might even be notable for playing a historical figure in a film or TV show.

These are just a few examples, but the possibilities are endless. Creating a consistent theme reinforces your brand and message, and the right celebrity makes the experience memorable. Always remember to consult with exhibitor services manuals about any potential restrictions regarding the types of exhibits and themes permitted.

Pro Sports MVP has connections to hundreds of professional and well-known celebrities and sports figures. Which one would be great to have associated with your campaign? Contact us and find out.

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